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Yoga Teacher Tune-up Series: Anatomy of Cueing

Yoga Teacher Tune-Up Series: Deepen Your Knowledge & Elevate Your Practice

Are you a yoga teacher looking to refine your skills, expand your knowledge base, and enhance your ability to guide students effectively? Join our dynamic Yoga Teacher Tune-Up Series and dive deep into four essential areas that will transform your teaching and empower your students.

Anatomy of Cueing (Live Date: TBD)

Anatomy of Cueing: The Art and Science of Guiding Students

  • Master the art of clear, concise, and effective verbal and visual cueing in yoga instruction.
  • Learn how to use anatomical landmarks and imagery to guide students into proper alignment.
  • Explore different cueing styles and techniques to cater to diverse learning styles.
  • Develop your ability to articulate adjustments and modifications with precision and clarity.

All courses will be recorded and will be available for viewing for one year.