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Welcome to Warriors At Ease

Warriors at Ease is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2011. Our robust, world-class training programs were created as a result of the success of these studies and directly address the unique physical and mental health challenges faced by service members, their families, and caregivers.

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For Our Military Community

Find a Warriors at Ease-trained teacher in your area, take a class online, or learn how yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help you and your family gain resilience and empowerment, effectively and sustainably cope with the challenges of military life, and heal from physical and invisible injury.

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For Our Yoga Teacher + Service Provider Community

Appropriate for yoga and meditation teachers, PTs, OTs, Rec Therapists, Psychologists, Nurses, medical providers, and anyone who is interested in the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices, the Warriors at Ease suite of trainings have been called “a gem” and “the most comprehensive training I have ever taken.”

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Warriors at Ease Trainings:

Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based, Military Culture-Specific

Level One Training

Designed for anyone who wishes to offer mind-body practices to increase the health and well-being of our military community, this self-paced course is offered online and can be completed at any time.

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Level Two Training

This three-day in-person training provides yoga teachers who’ve completed a 200-hour training the skills and competency needed to teach adaptive yoga and trauma-informed meditation and mindfulness practices to the military community.

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Level One + Two Combined Training

For those who wish to dive in deep and fast, this four-day in-person training is combined with 20 hours of online pre-work to provide yoga teachers with the most comprehensive training available.

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Custom Trainings

Warriors at Ease creates custom trainings, workshops, or programs for any department, unit, staff, or organization looking to increase the resilience, physical and mental health, and well-being of those they serve.

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Warriors at Ease trainings provide you with everything you need to know about delivering yoga and meditation in the military community in a confident and compassionate manner. Once you’ve completed training, you’ll be invited to join our worldwide network of Warriors at Ease-trained teachers, connect with a like-minded community, and continue your education.

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"I am thankful for the concepts and techniques that I have learned and am still learning. It has given me tools to better my mental/emotional health, in turn making my recovery a little easier to understand and deal with."

U.S. Army Soldier
Soldier Recovery Unit Schofield Barracks, HI

“I am a SEAL and have done 'regular' physical yoga in a studio near base before. I was able to attend a Warriors at Ease yoga class as part of a PTSD program at the VA which suited me better than other types of yoga. The class helped me navigate some difficult stuff as I was going through therapy. Now that I’m out of the program I want to continue to take Warriors at Ease yoga classes in the future.”

Post 9-11 Veteran Acute PTSD Evaluation
James A Haley VA Medical Center

The Resilient Warrior Program

Designed to increase the resilience of active duty service members and veterans, the Warriors at Ease Resilient Warrior Program is a series of six modules interwoven with breathing practices, mindfulness exercises, and meditations that can be presented as a retreat or workshop series. Modules include The Anatomy of Stress and Trauma, The Importance of Sleep, Healthy Habits and Goal Setting, and more. The Resilient Warrior Program is the foundation of our custom training programs.

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