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Veterans Day - Brianca Johnson

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When I think about Veterans Day, I find myself reflecting on how my sincerest feelings of gratitude have evolved over the years. From growing up in a military town and coming from a family with a lineage of service in the Army, to serving in the Air Force, and also living life as a military spouse, I know firsthand the sacrifices made by our country’s men and women are not in vain. As we observe Veterans Day, and extend our deepest thanks to all who have served, I feel infinite gratitude for those who came before me, for those I have served with, and for those who continue to honor and support our veteran communities.

I am grateful for those who came before me.

It’s the exemplary legacy of our nation’s heroes that paved the way for so many of us to serve. I believe that we preserve a rich military heritage by taking time to honor and remember the veterans who came before us. I find myself feeling immensely grateful for historically elite groups such as the Tuskegee Airmen, the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion (Triple Nickels), the 2nd Ranger Infantry Company, and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs)—just to name a few! I feel it is so admirable that it was the presence, bravery and perseverance of groups like these that made it possible for men and women of all backgrounds to serve.

I am grateful for those I have served with.

I often think about how fortunate I feel that both my time in the service, and time as a military spouse, have allowed me to experience so much camaraderie among others in my life. Those who have served in these capacities know that when we meet someone else in the military, there is often an immediate sense of connection. I believe this unique connection is the essence of knowing we’ve dedicated a huge part of our life to a profound cause, and many of our commitments have been founded on a strong sense of service. I know many would agree the sense of community many of us feel in the military, because of this connection, is truly extraordinary. On Veterans Day I always feel so thankful for all the great men and women my husband and I have met and connected with along the way—those we’ve had the privilege of serving with, and who have become like family.

I am grateful for those who support our veteran communities.

There is no doubt that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs of all veterans, especially Post 9/11 veterans are ever-evolving. When I entered Active Duty in 2013, my eyes were opened up to the many resources and organizations that exist in support of military members, veterans, and their families.  As a veteran, military wife, and military mom I am thankful for access to resources that have truly supported my health and resiliency. I feel grateful that many of these organizations, like Warriors at Ease, provide but also hold space for veterans to give back, share their unique talents and continue serving their communities in various capacities. 

To all who have served and continue serving, THANK YOU. I respect you and honor you. On this Veterans Day know I am grateful for you!

- Brianca Johnson 2021

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