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Warriors at Ease is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of trauma-informed, adaptive yoga and mindfulness practices for the military community around the world. As such, we’ve developed this map to help you locate Warriors at Ease-trained teacher in your area.

Use the map below or click this button to find a Warriors at Ease-trained near you.


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How to Use the Map

Hover your cursor over the map and Zoom into your geographic area to see teachers in your area. 

To view multiple teachers in a city, click “view larger map” in the upper right corner of the map and search the city in the search bar.

This map works best on a desktop computer. If you are having trouble using the map please click the "View List of Teachers" button above to download a list of Warriors at Ease-Trained Teachers in your area. 

Prefer a Pre-Recorded Class?

Enjoy the Warriors at Ease style of trauma-informed and adaptive yoga from the comfort of your own home! Our library of 30-minute-or-less yoga and meditation classes is designed to provide members of the military community with a variety of yoga styles from which to choose, based on their unique needs.

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